Environment & Fashion Create Harmony in New Summer Collection



(Houston – April 15, 2008) –- Just above the smog of downtown Houston, a rainbow appears bringing environmental harmony to this Bayou city. Not of the traditional Skittles fashion, this rainbow is alternating shades of light green, blue, pink, ivory, black and white, all the colors for Green by Adeline’s Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Aspiring treasure hunters and leprechauns alike can find the end of the rainbow (and the pot of “green) in a local shop that marries fashion and environment by way of both ready-to-wear and custom couture service.

Located near the Galleria, Green by Adeline is a chic, eco-friendly boutique that will celebrate six months in business with a sexy, versatile new Summer collection. Creating eye-candy for fashionistas, environmentalists and any combination there-of, local designer Adeline Sung brings fashion down to Earth with bamboo fabric to create the “coolest” spring/summer collection. Bamboo, a notably breathable fabric, is consistently a winner in the battle against humidity and the rising thermometer. Adeline’s new line stays continually fresh and free from embarrassing odor, all while being eco-friendly and fashion-conscious. How is that for multi-tasking? “My favorite pieces are a top vest and jacket. They can be easily accessorized to go from day to evening, casual to dressy,” explains Adeline about her new collection.

The “living green” mentality, already embraced by many across the country is so much more than a fading consumer trend. It is a revolutionary movement to conserve the Earth, the non-renewable provider of life, beauty and diversity. Approached with caution by both fashion-lovers and novices, Green by Adeline is ready to relieve your anxiety about making the environmental fashion leap. Being eco-friendly does not confine you to a wardrobe inspired by the latest in potato sacks, we promise! With a family background in fashion, Adeline is native to Shanghai, studied in Paris and Milan and is inspired by designer Valentino, brings her exceptional designs to life in Houston’s first 100% eco-friendly boutique.

The term “eco-friendly material” has been misused and misunderstood. Many eco-fashion companies use only a small percentage of true eco-friendly material to save cost. After few washes, these blends will begin to fall apart or develop lent balls. Green by Adeline uses the highest grade of superior organic materials such as Modal and TENCEL, combined with excellent craftsmanship and design to produce clothing that has style and quality. You definitely get what you pay for! However, eco-fashion does not have to cost more. It’s all about supply and demand. The more consumers demand “green” products, the more they will be produced, thus decreasing manufacture cost, making the supply more affordable. Five years ago, people were not as receptive to “green” products as they are today. It’s the beginning of a revolution.

A role-model and teacher to other entrepreneurs embracing the “green” lifestyle, Green by Adeline has hosted many other eco-friendly in-store events, providing advice and insight for eco-fabrics and eco-fashion. Embraced with excitement by the media, this cutting-edge local designer has graced the pages of Tribeza, Luxury Houston, Bay Area Houston, Envy, 002, Houston Chronicle, Gloss, Health and Fitness, Houston Business Journal, RU Magazine, World Journal, Total Body and will be featured in the May issue of Skirt! Adeline, our city’s head cheerleader for Team Earth, is helping to educate the general public to see, contribute and love the “big picture.”

So, with dull drapes and itchy potato sacks ruled out, what IS waiting for you at the end of the rainbow? Simply stylish, luxurious fashion with a conscious. Houston say “hello” to Green by Adeline, a little piece of Utopia conveniently located on 5136 Richmond, between Sage and Loop 610. For more info call 713-871-1888 or visit www.greenbyadeline.com.

“We all have a moral obligation to lead a green lifestyle,” concludes Adeline. Do your part to save the world. Go shopping today!

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