Green By Adeline 100% Eco-Fashion Boutique

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Equal to Adeline's passion for making a positive contribution to the earth is her passion for style. Her designs are flattering and feminine, stylish and modern. Light-weight, knit-like separates can easily be accessorized to go from day to evening, casual to dressy. Adeline uses natural materials right down to the accessories for her garments. Buttons and other decorative elements of the clothing are made from mother of pearl and oyster shells. Adeline's signature look is created by a dynamic contrast of assembling the material in a way that produces multiple opposing thread directions. Click here to learn more about our eco-fabrics.

GREEN BY ADELINE designs are made with your lifestyle in mind. That's why we manufacture an assortment of styles, from sportswear, to ready-to-wear and casual elegance. Each piece has been designed to provide you with a flattering, comfortable fit that can be worn in a variety of environments. We produce two main collections a year: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Adeline also produces off-season pieces that are sold in between collections.

In order to make it easy for our customers to buy and get high quality and lower prices, we have set up our Online Boutique.  You may pick any styles you like from the comfort of your home.  Below are the available styles that we offer online.  Hope you enjoy.