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GREEN BY ADELINE's clothing is made from some of the most break-through eco-fabrics available. For the past several years, Adeline has been working directly with a Chinese textile manufacturer, which produces high-tech eco-fabrics such as TENCEL®, Modal®, and TenShu® (Bamboo) fabrics. These fabrics are manufactured from 100% organic materials through processes that reduce environmental impact.

TenShu® (Bamboo) fiber is manufactured from the pulp of 100% naturally grown bamboo grass. In comparison to cotton, fabrics made from bamboo are remarkably soft, breathable and highly absorbent and offer UV protection. Scientific studies done by the Japan Textile Inspection Association have shown that the antibacterial attributes of bamboo fibers kill 99.8% of bacteria, keeping clothes fresh and odor-free for longer periods of time. Because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, growing naturally without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, it is extremely sustainable and can be easily replenished.

Care - Machine wash delicate. Tumble or line dry. No bleach.



Modal® - Often referred to as "the new wonder fabric", Modal® is a unique blend of 100% natural beech wood chips and modern microforms. It is softer than cotton and has the luster of silk. Modal® is infinitely washable. Even after repeated washing, the fiber remains delightfully soft while retaining its color brilliance, unlike cotton which can become stiff and dull. After trying GREEN BY ADELINE fashions, the softness factor will leave you with no doubts that Modal® simply feels softer. For a more detailed look at Modal®, please visit:

Care - Machine wash delicate. Tumble or line dry. No bleach.


TENCEL® is a non-synthetic fiber manufactured from 100% natural cellulose found in wood pulp that has been harvested from tree farms. TENCEL® is a lightweight, breathable fabric that feels like silk and drapes luxuriously. Compared to cotton, TENCEL® fabric is exceptionally strong, more absorbent, and easier to maintain. For a more detailed view of TENCEL®, please visit:

Care - Machine wash and drip dry or professional dry clean. Cool iron if needed. No bleach.